September 3, 2009

Meet my phone: Rasputin

I admit it, I'm not easy on my phones. My current phone has taken the most abuse of all. It's been run over (twice--and yes, with a car), dropped on concrete more times than I can count, and most recently crushed between my hip and the cupholder of my car. And the damn thing still works. The cupholder incident accomplished what vehicular assault failed to do, which is crack the screen. (See the little tiny crack to the right of the camera icon? That's what happened under the tires. The giant crack in the middle? That's what the cupholder did.)

So I trotted over to the AT&T store to see what they had and how much a new one would set me back. I only gave the sleek shiny iPhone the briefest of glances. All those apps would sure be nice, but I need a phone that can take my abuse. Which is why I'll be getting the same exact phone next time. That is, when I get tired of looking at the cracked screen, because I'm pretty darn sure this thing won't die on it's own.